What Other Brokerage Can Offer You This Number and Range of Benefits?
25 Advantages to Listing with Pacific Century*


Here's a SUMMARY OF THE NUMEROUS BENEFITS you'll enjoy if you entrust your listing to us. Short on time? Just scan the headings in bold.


1. Big savings on listing commissions. Quick point of reference: On a million-dollar house, now the low end for many Silicon Valley neighborhoods, a one-percent savings in listing commission is equivalent to 10,000 after-tax dollars. Pacific Century Realty is the only true full-service brokerage in the area offering listing commissions as low as one percent (1%).* Think about how long it takes you to earn ten thousand after-tax dollars. Why give up all that money if you don't have to?


2. Even bigger savings when your listing agent also represents the buyers. Our fee for representing the buyer mirrors the listing office commission.* And we have a special program to legitimately increase the likelihood that we do represent the buyer. Do the math: 1% + 1%, for a total of 2%, versus a traditional total commission of 5 to 6%. The conventional brokerages can't afford to compete with us, while the discount alternatives available offer nowhere near the quality or level of service that we do.


3. Savings on staging costs. In many cases, we can show sellers how to stage their homes without paying for staging services. When professional staging is called for, we can make recommendations that can potentially save you many thousands of dollars.


4. A higher price for your property, as a result of superior marketing and negotiation strategies. Superior marketing and negotiation strategies, orchestrated by a listing broker who is in-the-know and on-the-ball, can make a tremendous difference for a seller's bottom-line earnings. 


5. A digital e-signing system, to save you time and effort. A DocuSign-type system will allow you to review and digitally sign documents on your schedule, at your convenience, from the comfort of wherever you happen to be.


6. Basic legal questions answered, without paying an attorney! If a basic legal question about the transaction arises, we have access to two different teams of attorneys with whom we can consult on your behalf, at no charge to you.  


7. Countless signed testimonials from satisfied customers. Testimonials and references speak volumes about the quality of service a brokerage provides. Third-party endorsements naturally mean more than what we say about ourselves. Most agents typically have no more than a handful of tenuously credible testimonials on their websites, typically anonymous, using initials only. We have yet to see another company with as many signed testimonials posted to its website as we do, in combination with numerous five-star reviews on Yelp.


8. Numerous signed testimonials from professional colleagues. Remember that a large part of your listing agent's success in finding the best buyer for your house will depend on his or her relationships with other area real estate agents and his or her standing in the real estate community. Agents representing buyers frequently have choices, in terms of recommendations they can make to their clients ... and these agents naturally prefer doing business with people they trust and respect.


9. Ability to work directly with your power-hitter presenting agent, rather than lower-level assistants. Many so-called top producers do not plan to have much contact with you after you have signed the listing agreement. And they need to get that "full" commission, in order to pay all the members of their staff. Pacific Century Realty caters to clients who want the benefit of working directly with an experienced broker, with an effective cost-cutting system that passes the savings along to the consumer.


10. Access to a listing agent who is on call at all times. Many "successful" agents consider it an intrusion into their personal lives if clients call them outside traditional business hours. At Pacific Century Realty, we realize that people who have job responsibilities during business hours will NEED to communicate at other times: evenings, weekends and holidays. We find the opportunity to take time off during regular business hours, instead, or when we recess entirely, for vacation.


11. Multi-lingual services and advertising in Asian-language media, to capture interest from among non-English speaking prospects. It's well-known that the single largest demographic of active buyers and sellers in the market today speak Chinese. Most of them are immigrants, more comfortable in their native language than English (as is also the case with many of the agents representing them!). At Pacific Century Realty, we speak their language (Cantonese as well as Mandarin, both major dialects, in addition to Vietnamese). That's an important additional edge for reeling in buyers for your property.

 A system for capturing the name and phone number of everyone who calls to inquire about your listing. What happens to most prospects who express an interest in a listing? They grab a flyer from either inside the house or the literature box outside ... and then they disappear. At Pacific Century Realty, we harness a unique technology that captures the name and phone number of everyone who calls to inquire about a listing (we don't attach a literature box to the yard sign), even if the number is Caller ID "blocked." Why is that important? Because it makes it possible for us to (legitimately) follow up with a phone call to each and everyone who has expressed an interest in the property. Real estate sales is very much a "numbers game." The more interested prospects you can engage in conversation about the property, the more likely you are to find a buyer who will offer a price that the seller will be happy with.


13. A free dedicated, content-rich, property address website, to promote your listing. Nowadays, a dedicated single-property-address website (123MainSt.com) is an important tool for marketing a listing, a tool that can often make a critical difference. It should not just be a URL that redirects to an agent's Website. The copy (text) should be professionally written, in a way that readily captures a reader's interest and attention. It should concisely communicate how the property is special and what makes it desirable—its "unique selling proposition" (USP)—with links to nearby amenities and attractions. The writer must understand and reach out to the target audience for that particular property. And there should of course be numerous attractive photos. Be sure to actually read through the promotional material an agent has created for other properties, to see how professionally written and compelling it is. Ask yourself whether that's the way you would like your property to be represented. Six examples of the websites we have created for our listings can be accessed from the list below:


10903CanyonVistaDr.com (Cupertino), 1598MortonAve.com (Los Altos), 2006CarolAve.com (Mountain View),

549JacksonDr.com (Palo Alto), 2345RupertDr.com (San Jose) & 498VineAve.com (Sunnyvale)


14. A lighted/illuminated yard sign, to stand out and be clearly seen after dusk—unlike all the others in the vicinity (if appropriate). Why should your yard sign only be seen during daylight hours? Think how much more effective it would be if it were highly visible after dusk, especially when all the other yard signs are not. The conventional full-commission brokerages cannot offer this new technology, because they all delegate their yard sign placement to sign-post companies that do not want to bother with lighting. At Pacific Century Realty, we care too much about our signage to hand off the job to an outside contractor that rushes to finish the work as quickly as possible—and will not do any maintenance (sometimes batteries need to be replaced for the lighting).


15. An online disclosure packet system that makes it easy for prospective buyers and their agents to prepare offers (so they can obtain disclosure documents immediately). Put yourself in the place of a buyers' agent who is pressed for time to offer on a property. All other things being equal, will you be inclined to recommend that your buyers pursue an interest in the listing that makes your job easier, enabling you to download all the documents instantly, regardless of time of day, as opposed to ones that oblige you to play "phone tag" with the listing agent—or wait for the agent to respond to your email?


16. An unbiased "inspection-only" property inspection company—as opposed to contractors in the guise of inspectors, who stand to benefit from a larger list of issues and recommendations for corrective action. It's just a small minority of inspection companies that are unbiased, inspection-only. We regularly see make-work property "inspectors" add on thousands of dollars in "necessary" work, which they then aggressively seek to get paid for doing. Not only can this cost the seller lots of additional money. This approach has also scared off many a potential buyer. Otherwise stated, who do you think is in a better position to do an impartial report: an inspector who is paid only for doing inspections or a contractor who makes most of his money from the jobs he bids on, through his inspections? You are likely to save substantially with an unbiased inspector who has no hidden agenda, in terms of drumming up contracting work for himself. Pacific Century Realty recommends only unbiased, inspection-only companies.


17. A free $25,000-50,000 Seller's Protection Plan (insurance policy), to protect you for 6-12 months from any claims made against you by buyers, giving you greater peace of mind. Historically, most claims by buyers against sellers will be made during the first six months following the purchase. Wouldn't it be nice if you had $25,000-50,000 of protection in the event that a disgruntled buyer comes after you with a claim of some sort? (You have the option of extended the policy for an additional six months.) We have arranged this coverage for each and every listing client, automatically.*


18. A free C.L.U.E. (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) Report, to supplement your legally required natural hazards disclosure (NHD) report. As a seller, any assurances that you can offer a buyer with regard to your property tend to work to your advantage. A C.L.U.E. report assures buyers when there have been no homeowner's insurance claims on a property. They know they will not have problems purchasing homeowner's insurance at reasonable rates. As of December 2015, C.L.U.E. Report provider LexisNexis discontinued distribution of the report through NHD companies in California but we will show you how to obtain one without any fee. As far as we know, no other real estate brokerage provides this service.


19. A consumer-friendly environmental (NHD) disclosure report company. Consumer-friendly means that the company (a) accepts payment through escrow, at no additional charge, (b) will waive payment entirely, in the unlikely event that your property is not sold and (c) will provide a complete updated report at no additional charge, if you re-open escrow at a later time because the original escrow did not work out. We make it our business to seek out for all aspects of your transaction service providers who offer the highest level of service on the most favorable terms. It is ironic but it is true: our clients actually get MORE for LESS.

20. A property tax report, at no additional charge, to supplement your environmental (NHD) report. Our NHD report provider offers a complete property tax disclosure listing the special assessments, Mello-Roos and rate-based (ad valorem) property taxes billed on the property, representing an additional element of disclosure and protection. The NHD report is backed in its entirety by a $20 million insurance policy that extends to every individual who relies upon it for use in the transaction. 

21. An online system that provides you with survey feedback from agents who have shown the house. One of the main frustrations encountered by sellers is the frustration of not knowing how their property is being perceived. We have solved this problem, with a special Internet-based feedback system that shows you, in real time, how people visiting your house are responding to it. It's all presented in an easy-to-understand format, to facilitate adjustments on the basis of survey feedback.


22. A system for recording information on every agent who shows a house, so that updates can be sent to all of them at the same time, with the push of a button. A good listing typically attracts a large number of "showing agents." Some of them leave their cards. Others don't. Either way, at Pacific Century Realty, we have an advanced system for capturing and inputting all their information into a special database just for your property. Any updates can be immediately broadcast to all showing agents, with just the push of a button.


23. Promotion of your listing on numerous other Internet sites, in addition to MLSlistings.com and Realtor.com. In Silicon Valley especially, the Internet is now the place where buyers go to look for properties. If your listing is not being promoted across the full spectrum of the hottest high-traffic portals, your listing agent is not doing justice to your listing. We have a proprietary system in place for automatically distributing your listing profile to all the leading portals.

24. A professionally recorded video presentation for your property, placed on YouTube and elsewhere.* Did you know that YouTube is—as of this writing—the second most visited site, globally, after Google? Facebook's rank is currently #3, while Yahoo! is #4, Wikipedia is #5 and Amazon is #7. (Realtor.com, by the way, is #154, while Zillow is #66.) So would you want your listing just to show up on Realtor.com or would you also like it to be on YouTube, as well as Google—which is accomplished through our SEO (search engine optimization) techniques in coordination with your single-property-address website and other placement. 

25. Instant notification about your new listing to a large database of buyers and buyer's agents. Another "secret weapon" that a company with a high-tech edge can leverage for listing clients is their substantial buyer database, carefully compiled and maintained over the years, when the company has been in business for decades. The power of this asset is multiplied when combined with a system to instantly notify other agents in the area whose clients are looking for properties similar to yours.

In addition to all of this, our clients reap the benefits of ad agency quality marketing materials, with professional caliber copywriting and design services. Does this make a difference? You bet it does, for the same reasons that multi-billion-dollar corporations invest heavily in campaigns through top advertising agencies. Look at samples of the websites (see item 13 above) and flyers (category 1 sample and category 2 sample) that we produce. Compare those with others. The difference should be obvious


"Talk with the rest, then list with the best." If you don’t yet see why the decision to list with us is really a total no-brainer, tell us what else we could do to clarify anything you don't yet understand. Call us at (888) 4PC-RLTY (888-472-7589) or email us now at info@pacific-century.comfor your free listing consultation.


*Terms and conditions apply. As a general rule, the 1% listing office commission is limited to properties with a minimum market value of $1M (one million dollars). For properties with a minimum market value of $750K, the listing office commission for qualifying sellers is 1.5%. Not all items on the list above will necessarily apply to all property listings. Please address any questions you might have prior to signing the listing agreement. All offers and items are subject to change or cancellation without further notice.


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