Why Do Things the Hard Way

If There's an Easy Way

To Achieve Even Better Results?



Dear Seller,


You're going the "For Sale by Owner" (FSBO) route, or doing something similar, in order to save money on commissions, right?


If I could demonstrate to you, in just two minutes, that you could achieve your objective of saving money on commissions AND actually increase your bottom-line earnings, without all the risk, hassle and frustration of going the FSBO route, would you be interested?


Of course you would.


How about this: A top-quality, full-service local real estate brokerage that lists houses for as little as 1% and offers a special program for selling houses for a TOTAL commission of as little as just 2% (even less than the same commission most FSBOs offer to agents who bring buyers)? *


If you can save exactly what you originally wanted to on the commission, while turning over the job to full-time professionals ... AND get a higher sales price in the process, why in the world would you NOT want to do this?


Let's "do the math" on this. Here are 10 benefits you enjoy when you list with a brokerage:


1.   Potential buyers will no longer try to deduct from the purchase price the commission they see you saving.


2.   Real estate agents will stop bugging you to list your house with them.


3.   Statistically speaking, you are highly likely to get a better price for your property.


4.   You save time and energy.


5.   You reduce your level of frustration and anxiety.


6.   You protect yourself and your family, legally, from liabilities that could come back to haunt you years later.


7.   By not exposing yourself directly to strangers who come to your home at all times, you enhance the physical safety and security of your family, as well as your possessions.


8.   You get expert assistance in all aspects of selling your property, from making repairs to home "staging" and more.


9.   You get somebody else to do all the "dirty work" relating to putting out signs, answering calls, driving to the house to meet people who don't show up, getting people to take off their shoes or at least wipe them clean, before entering the house and much more.


10.   You get a professional advocate to document to prospective buyers the value of your property.


Statistics show that most FSBOs give up before they sell ... and that of the small minority who do not give up, the selling price is significantly below the prices that comparable properties listed by brokerages are getting.


Add to this the discount commission program and other special things we offer, such as ....


        Multilingual services and special foreign-language media channels

        800 toll-free number "call capture" technology (to reel in more prospects for you)

        Free dedicated property address website for your house (123MainStreet.com)

        Commission-free financing for buyers, to attract them to your property over others

        Other highly creative and truly unique tools, which we'd be happy to demonstrate


... If all of this were available to you, why would you possibly NOT want to take advantage of it? If you would not, please tell me. I really would want to know.


The irony is that sellers who qualify for our special listing programs at just 1% actually receive a level and range of service that is superior to what they would typically get from traditional brokerages that charge 2.5 or 3%.


Check out our testimonials. Read our FAQ and other online reports, including "10 Questions to Ask Your Agent." Request a copy of our detailed presentation on DVD.


Then drop us a line to arrange for a free consultation. Let's talk about how we may be able to HELP YOU achieve your goals, more easily and hassle-free than you ever thought possible.


Why wait? Call 1(888)4PC-RLTY (1-888-472-7589) or email (info@pacific-century.com) now, while it's on your mind.



Daniel K. Berman, PhD

Managing Broker, Pacific Century Realty



*Terms and conditions apply. Inquire for details. All offers subject to change and cancellation without further notice.


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