Note: This full-service program applies to properties with a market value of at least $500,000.


Real Estate Services for Smart People Only™


Picture yourself at Safeway. You want to buy some “old-fashioned” steel cut oats, the kind health-conscious people have for breakfast. You’re in front of the shelves stocked with those classic 18-ounze cylindrical canisters. To your left is the Quaker brand. Each canister is about $6 each. To your right is the generic Safeway brand. Each canister is about $2 each. Which one do you buy (regardless of whether you’re interested in the one-minute variety or a slower cooking kind)?


If you read the labels, you know that the contents are identical. If you’ve ever actually tried each one, you know that they’re the same. They cook the same, they taste the same and they have the same effects on your health, in terms of lowering cholesterol, providing you with fiber for regularity and so on.


Are you going to pay three times as much for the “name brand” — either because you believe it’s better (even though there’s no basis in fact for this belief) or because the “branding” gives you the feeling (again, with no basis in fact) that the product is somehow superior? Or will you pay a third, to buy the generic, and use the savings for a better purpose?


“Don’t Confuse Me with the Facts: I’ve Already Made Up My Mind”


If you’re the kind of person who buys the “name brand” at three times the cost of the generic, in spite of the simple reality that there is no tangible benefit to doing so, then you might as well read no further. Click over to one of the many conventional real estate companies and pay an additional ten or twenty thousand dollars or more to list your house (that’s typically equivalent to ten or twenty thousand dollars or more in after-tax income, by the way).


If commercial “branding” inevitably sways you into acting contrary to your own financial self-interest, in a very big way, then we can’t help you!


If, on the other hand, you’re smart enough to figure out that it’s simply not intelligent to spend an additional ten or twenty thousand dollars or more for no additional tangible benefit, then we’d be happy to hear from you. Either call 1(888)4PC-RLTY (1-888-472-7589) or email us at


Invest 10-15 minutes reviewing the information at this website.  In a way, it’s a kind of I.Q. test. But don’t worry: Only you will know whether you pass. Until you contact us, that is. Then we’ll know, too. J


If you’re a seller and you want to see a light-hearted, highly simplified presentation of the basic concept, you’re invited to view this three-minute video on YouTube: “Sellers: Do the Math.” If you’re a buyer, the equivalent three-minute video is: “Buyers: Do the Math.”


If you’d like to view a more serious and detailed—nonetheless entertaining—video presentation (actually, a series of three), click here.


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